Monthly Archives: June 2013

And the participants are…

… composers Jim O’Leary, Ann Rosén, Fredrik Hagstedt, Rebecca Neumann, Arnannguaq Gerström and writers/librettists Steven Mayoff, Sigrid Herrault, Susanne Marko, Rikard Johansson, Greta Sundberg, Ulf Peter Hallberg and Isa Schöier.

All above will participate in Tone+Text’s bi-annual workshop at the Vadstena Academy in Vadstena, Sweden.

The T+T workshops focus on continuing/further education with the aim of deepening participants’ knowledge of the process of writing an opera. Our facilitators will customise the workshops to the ideas/projects selected and the phase of development they are in.

The first workshop will take place in Vadstena between 12th – 15th of July, 2013.