Monthly Archives: July 2014

Workshop #2 coming up!

July 11th – 14th, 2014 is the days for workshop number 2 in our project “Tone+Text”. The venue is Vadstena Old Theatre and the workshop is hosted by Vadstena Academy. Composers Magnus Bunnskog, Arnannguaq Gerström, Fredrik Hagstedt, Per Magnusson, Ann Rosén, Henrik Rambe, Thomas Lindahl and John Lidström together with libretto writers Ulf Peter Hallberg, Sigrid Herrault, Rikard Johansson, Susanne Marko, Steven Mayoff, Isa Schöier and Greta Sundberg have in pairs prepared a 10 minute scene that will be under process during this four-day-workshop. There will be artists at the composers and libretto writers service – pianist László Horváth, mezzo soprano Miriam Treichl, baritone John Kinell, cello player Johannes Bergion and clarinetist Magnus Holmander. 

The workshop will close with a public show-case on July 14th in Vadstena. We will get back to you later with further details. Welcome – we are truly excited to see you all again!