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What On Earth is Throat IV?  

Carl Unander-Scharin

Carl Unander-Scharin

In collaboration with his choreographer wife  Åsa, composer and tenor Carl Unander-Scharin is developing the new work SING THE BODY ELECTRIC!  at the University College of Opera in Stockholm. The work is an embodied opera, a corporatorio, where music, voice, body, movement and interaction concur in the performance. The  libretto is based on texts from Albert Einstein’s “The World as I See It, Walt Whitman’s “I Sing The Body Electric!” and poems by William Blake. Key themes being democracy, equality, reconciliation, diversity, responsibility, respect and freedom.

At Operastorming #1, Carl will allow us a glimpse into his magical high-tech sound world and introduce us to emerging technologies, developed for and through operatic work, namely, Throat IV, Throat for iPhone, The Virtual Viola da Gamba, The Viewsonic, and Contortionsts ear.

Electrifying stuff to say the least!

For more information on Carl Unander-Scharin and his work check out his webpage electronic opera.

Here an interesting television coverage of a previous project, Opera Mecatronica, in Swedish.


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