The participants in Tone+Text workshops are composers Jim O’Leary, Ann Rosén, Fredrik Hagstedt, Rebecca Neumann, Arnannguaq Gerström, Magnus Bunnskog, Per Magnusson, Henrik Rambe, Thomas Lindahl and writers/librettists Steven Mayoff, Sigrid Herrault, Susanne Marko, Rikard Johansson, Greta Sundberg, Ulf Peter Hallberg and Isa Schöier.

Tone+Text offers Nordic composers and librettists (established or aspiring) the opportunity to participate in a bi-annual workshop at the Vadstena Academy in Vadstena, Sweden.

The T+T workshops focus on continuing/further education with the aim of deepening participants’ knowledge of the process of writing an opera. Our facilitators will customise the workshops to the ideas/projects selected and the phase of development they are in.

The Vadstena Academy commissions more new operas than any other organisation in Sweden. Fifteen new operas have been staged here since 2000. The Academy has a deep understanding and thorough knowledge of the process of writing an opera. The facilitators selected for these workshops – Maria Sundqvist, Kerstin Perski, Catharina Backman, Carl Unander-Scharin – have all been involved in the Academy as composers, librettists and dramaturgs and are well established in the world of Swedish opera. Read more about them under “We are involved”.

12-15 July, 2013.
11-14 July, 2014.

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