Tone + Text is initiated by Vadstena-Akademien (Vadstena Academy), FST (Society of Swedish Composers) and Sveriges Dramatikerförbund (Writers Guild of Sweden). Tone + Text is funded by Statens musikverk (Music development and heritage Sweden)

Arnbjörg María Danielsen – Curator Operastorming #1.

Maria Sundqvist – Librettist and Curator of Workshops in Vadstena.

Maria Sundqvist is the artistic director of “Operaverkstan” at Malmö Opera. “Operaverkstan” has developed a dozen new operas since the start of 2002. She has extensive experience in directing both small and large musical dramatic works. Maria has collaborated with composers in some 20 operas and additionally made ​​adaptations of existing works.

Kerstin Perski – Librettist and Curator of Workshops in Vadstena.

Kerstin Perski is a swedish playwright, librettist and prose-writer. During the past twenty years she has written several libretti for operas with music by swedish and danish composers like Hans Gefors, Karin Rehnqvist and Niels Marthinsen which have been produced both nationally and internationally.

Catharina Backman –  Composer and Curator of Workshops in Vadstena.

Catharina Backman is a Swedish composer and musician. Her mainly interest is music on stage; from opera to theatrical music, and her opera works are commissioned by among others The Royal Swedish Opera and Malmö Opera. Her chamber music often contains visual and theatrical elements. She is currently composing chamber music for The TAKY Contemporary Ensemble.

Carl Unander Scharin – Composer and Curator of Workshops in Vadstena.

Carl Unander-Scharin is a Swedish composer and tenor.  He specializes in high lyric tenor parts, and was between 2000-2010 engaged as tenor soloist at the Royal Opera House in Stockholm. In parallel with its extensive activities as a singer, is Carl a prolific composer and has written nine operas, as well as music for TV, film, dance, choral works, oratorios, and interactive works.


Nils Spangenberg, Artistic director and CEO, Vadstena-Akademien.

Jonas Forssell, composer, FST.

Magnus Lindman, dramaturg, SDF.

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